Are Your Email Open Rates Down?
Double Your Email Sales With These Proven Insider Secrets , without ads or killing your list.
As proven by over 1 billion email sends
Just look at David

He went from making $32,000 in sales to $112,000 sales in 30 days – 4X his sales 
Tyler who 2x his 
sales after 1 day 
(click to enlarge)
Eric who 3x his sales 
in less than 30 days 
How did they do it? 

Simple they hit the INBOX MORE.

Hitting the Inbox MORE is the #1 secret to email marketing

It’s the difference between making $5 for every $1 spent to making $70 + for every $1 spent 

Now you’re probably thinking.. "well I use an Email Service Provider (ESP) like an Aweber, MailChimp or infusionsoft so of course, my emails hit the inbox."


Or maybe you're thinking..."people signed up for my list so of course, they hit the inbox" 


Or maybe you're thinking, "well people opted into or doubled opted into my list so of course, my emails hit the inbox"

Wrong again!

These are just SOME of the BIGGEST misconceptions about email marketing and is costing YOU and over 70% of all business money, stability, freedom, and success.

Because the truth is ... 
You were set up to FAIL 
So who set you up to FAIL?  

The Email Service Provider's (ESP) of the world.

You know, the same people who led you to believe email marketing is so simple...

All you need to do is, load in your subscribers, set up a few automation's and you can print money.

And if you’re reading this, you know that is NOT TRUE.

What is true is that... 
you are sitting on a GOLDMINE,
just waiting to be tapped.
A goldmine that when tapped can double, double, triple or quadruple your sales instantly.

Giving you more freedom, stability, and control in your business and life.

Like the 70K Goldmine, David was sitting on. 

I know its hard for you to believe now and seeing is believing.

So let me show you, what I showed David. 

Using my Maverick Inbox Calculator I showed David what would happen to his sales if ALL we did was:
  •  Increase his Open Rates from 3% to 6.5% and
  •  Increase his Click through rates, from 0.7% to 1.5%  (All very easily attainable and average given his niche and list size.)
Now watch me as I enter in the numbers and hit the "submit button".

Davids face went from satisfied to shocked and I'm sure your's would too.
David was SHOCKED to see he was leaving close to $70, 000 on the table. 

He grew even more frustrated, since he was emailing for months now and this is the first time he realized some of his emails were NOT hitting the inbox. 

Now imagine how much money you are leaving on the table? 
  •  Can you open rates be improved?
  •  Can your click-through rates be improved?
  •  Can your sales be improved?
Yes, they can 

Are you curious to see just how much money you are leaving now? 

Just enter in your numbers now into the maverick inbox calculator now and tap into your goldmine. 
Tap into Your gold mine…
Enter by Monthly Volume or Email Campaign Volume
Enter Total Number of emails Delivered , by Campaign, Week or Monthly volume.
  • Enter Your Information
(if you entering by campign level and your ESP is fixed cost i.e $500/m just estimate by dividing # of campaigns sent/esp cost. 
ex: $500/10 campaigns sent = $50  
Now Set Your GOALS
  •  Enter Information
Shocking isn't it .....
So why Is All this money 
being left on the table? 
The simple answer is when you press the send button, your email message will either hit the INBOX or SPAM folder.

So it’s the difference between HIGH Open rate and Click through rate (CTR) and a LOW Open rate and CTR. 

It's a difference between making SALES and NO sales.

And most importantly, it’s the difference between feeling frustrated and stressed vs stable and in control. 

Because while
No ESP can ever guarantee 
your email will hit the inbox
Your ability to hit the Inbox more is 95% within your control.

Yes, you read correctly. 

And EVERY business at one point will suffer from email hitting the spam folder, even mine and don’t you want to make sure your business can handle any problem it faces?

Of course, you do.
Hitting the Inbox is 95% 
all within your control  
Because hitting the Inbox is all about your Email Reputation.

Think of your email reputation like your credit score, if you have poor credit will anyone give you more? 

Probably not. 

Email marketing is the same, if you have a poor email rep the Gmails, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail of the worlds will not let you hit the inbox. 

So you’ll start to suffer with 
  •  Poor Open Rates.
  •  Poor Click Through Rates. 
  •  Poor Sales.
This is also one of the reasons why NO ESP can every guarantee your messages hit the inbox because you hold a lot of the power and control, you just don’t see it yet. 

How do I know this? 

Because I worked at an ESP. 

I OWNED an ESP for over 7 years, managing and mailing hundreds of email list, generating multiple 7 figures in email sales. 

I also consulted for publicly traded companies like United online, Classmates, Juno, Netzero and Fortune 500 companies like As-seen-on-tv, Myspace, Flighthub and many more... 
This is why I know 
you were set up to FAIL  
It's like you were given a 100 piece puzzle with dozens of missing pieces, making it impossible to finish and be successful.

Worst part.

Email marketing is ten times easier than it was 10 years ago, yet more and more people are failing at it and I know how that feels. 

When I got started back in 2006, my LIFE depended on email marking and hitting the INBOX, so when my emails didn’t hit the inbox, I didn’t get paid. 

It would be the difference between making $1000 day to less than $100 a day and I hated that. 

And if you're anything like me, my mood would go from happy to frustrated and angry instantly when I didn’t reach my sales goals. 

So after a billion email sends and over 10,000+ hours spent pressing the send button...

I created a simple system to help me Inbox more emails without relying on anyone, like  waiting on techs or ESP's to help me, because all that amounts to is wasted time and money.
The trick to hitting 
the inbox more is simple...
You MUST identify the ROOT cause because if you don't, it's like trying to repair a bullet hole with a band-aid. 

Sure you might stop the bleeding it for a while, but you will eventually bleed out.

Which is why you probably always feels like you're spinning your wheels. 

Unknowingly, you are repeating the same mistakes over and over again. 

So no matter what you do you’re unable to get the results or relief you want to succeed in email marketing.

I know how that feels, so believe me when I tell you ..

This is your chance to empower yourself and STOP leave money on the table. 

This is the solution you’ve been waiting for, your shortcut to freedom and a stress-free life. 

Never having to rely on your ESP or anyone for a solution, because you have it. 

And here it is ... Introducing..
the secrets to inboxing emails 
no tech skills required.
  • Hit the INBOX the next time you press SEND and stay there.
  • Discover how email marketing works and how to turn email marketing into a daily cash machine.
  • Learn simple tricks NOT even your ESP knows, giving you an edge over your competition.
  •   Discover the 9 steps to building a solid foundation, helping you build a positive email reputation so you can hit the inbox more than anyone else.
  • You’ll also discover how you can quickly spy on your competition, without any expensive tools. 
  • Instantly increase your email open rates and keep them high, every time you press send doubling or tripling sales instantly. 
  •  Discover a simpler way to send emails to your subscribers that automatically turn your subscribers into raging fans who love to open and click your emails. 
  •  Learn my simple 3 step system proven to identify the exact reason why your emails keep hitting the Spam folder and get them out the next time you press send.
Best Part...
You can complete this entire system in less time then it takes you to open up a support ticket and wait for excuses.. ops .. I mean response from your ESP 
  •  No experience needed.
  •  No technical skills needed. 
  •  Every lesson is explained in simple language anyone can understand. 
  • Complete each step in minutes.
Bonus 1
Re-Engagement Strategy
How to shoot your email reputation through the rough and keep it there faster than you …

This BONUS is an industry secret and it can instantly helps ignite your email reputation.

Go from Poor Email reputation to Good Email reputation in just a few days, without having to change esp.
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5 Strategies To Crush Email 
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Now that you conquered the Inbox its time to next level your skills.

I give you not 1 but 5 super simple and effective way you can optimize your emails FAST. 

These are the SAME strategies I use to get INSANE email returns, from 300% to 1000 %.
Value: $5,000
Bonus 3
Protect Your Rep
Never worry about getting kicked off your ESP because of of a “high risk” email subscribers.
Get 10,000 FREE email verification and 25% off when all email verification for a year from the leaders in email verification.
Value: $1000
Bonus 4
Tristar Ecommerce Case Study 
See how I generated over $1000 , without spending any money on ads and with a 900 person COLD email list that had not been mailed in over a year.
Value: $3,500
Bonus 5
Elite Email Maverick Group
This is like have your own email consultant on staff whenever you need a fraction of the price. 

I normally charge 800/hr for an email consulting call to fix issues like this so this is your chance to save 75% off and you get 2 months FREE 
Value: $1000
Total Value: $14,000
Normally $1997
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See What Others are saying
This is as close to an automated system as you can get.

It’s just 3 simple steps to follow and its guaranteed to help hit the inbox the next time you press send.  

And it WORKS because this is the exact same system I use today.

I use it on my own emails and when desperate, frustrated clients come to me to help resolve their email deliverability problems and it works 100% of the time. 

But that won't stop me from offering you a 30-day Guarantee. 

Use it and if you don't see an improvement, then let us know.  
Do I have to have to do this daily? 
Good news, no you don’t. Unlike quick fixes and band-aids this is the solution . Do it once or as needed, but you will not have to do this daily. 
 Can this be used with any Email Service Provider (ESP) ?
Yes, this works with any ESP or MTA or Relay 
Will this for affiliate marketing or solo ads?   
Yes, its doesn't matter your list or niche. If you email, you'll want this. 
Can I give this to my team  
Absolutely, his is perfect training for building your email dream team or give it to your assistant, your va
Ps. If you just scrolled down to see the offer, I get it .. So let me ask you this.... what is solving this problem worth to you?  just remember how much money you are leaving on the table now..

P.P.S...As you finish reading this, imagine.... Investing in this today and instantly relieving all your stress and frustration.  

Imagine knowing exactly what your problem is and how to fix it fast. Not having to rely on anyone to help you, because you have the tools and knowledge ...Now that is freedom.

P.P.P.S .. Imagine logging into to your ESP tomorrow and seeing the DOUBLE the open rates and clicks ...

P.P.P.P.P. s... Remember this product comes with over $40,000 worth of bonuses and I can’t guarantee they will still be there tomorrow.  

So get it while you still can.

Happy Emailing 
gabriella rapone 
We make NO guarantees or Guarantee INCOME CLAIMS EVER. 

You must be 100% clear that to have a sustainable and successful business it takes, dedication, sacrifice and attention and patience. If you understand that then continue on to step 2 in the process.
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